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Russell 2000 Futures (RTY) Technical Anlaysis. Position is Profitable, What's Next?

  • In our previous technical analysis for the Russell 2000, we had a trade idea for a Long and we are now at the Take Profit target
  • The question is what does a trader in such a situation do, after the Russell futures is up apx 2.4% for the day? Does a trader exit completely, take partial profit, exit and goes short?
  • We also note other indices, and especially the S&P 500 E-mini Futures (ES) that has filled an important gap, which was our view in the previous technical analysis for the S&P Futures. Some traders will be fading that gap, which means going against the move till now, which means, in this case, will be selling (going short)
S&P 500 Futures Daily Chart Filled Gap to the Low of 10 June
  • Such cases are important junctions for traders. Some traders tend to over trade, too, giving back money to the market instead of being patient to find a more attractive spot. We offer some consideration in the below video for today's Russell 2000 Futures and the next trade idea

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