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This Bollinger Bands expert advisor uses the price crossing the BB middle moving average or the lower/higher bands to determine the entries.
A forex trading chart showing how to trade profitably using the BB indicator, aka Bollinger Bands

The BB technical indicator created by John Bollinger about four decades ago can be a very reliable trend trading strategy if we only add an Exponential Moving Average (EMA) to it. We will use the moving average to determine the trend and the BB indicator to determine the entry.

Some traders prefer to simply go long when the price fluctuates above the BB’s mid-band and go short when the currency pair keeps moving below it. Besides this the EA can also use the upper and lower bands to determine the entries, which can provide stronger signals.

    The Bollinger Bands crossover strategy explained

    1. The BB strategy involves going long when the price is above the moving average (set this according to the timeframe/chart) and the price crosses either the BB middle or lower band from the below to upwards; this can be set in the EA's settings
    2. To open short trades, the price must be below the trend moving average and to cross the BB middle or upper bands from up to down
    In the screenshot above we are using the middle line as a signal. The first two bullish signals proved to be profitable, while the third one is yet to be determined.
    BB expert advisor profitable settings
    Consider the timeframe and the trend when choosing the settings

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