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Ray Dalio: Fiat is the worst investment in our time.


Bitcoin continues its decline and at the moment is not far from the psychological level of $ 40,000 per coin. The overcoming of the ascending trend line is visible on the 24-hour timeframe, so we believe that the decline will continue. Moreover, this week, bitcoin also managed to overcome the Fibonacci level of 61.8% - $ 44,411. Consequently, at the moment, BTC has already dropped lower than 61.8% from its last growth of almost $ 40,000. From our point of view, this fact also only increases the likelihood of a further drop in cryptocurrency. It is worth noting that recently the number of traders and investors who believe that bitcoin will continue to fall has increased. The minutes of the last Fed meeting, which was published this week, played an important role in forming this opinion. Recall that this document reflected the "hawkish" mood of the majority of members of the monetary committee, so the chances of a faster and stronger tightening of monetary policy in the United States are growing. And along with them, the "bearish" sentiment in the cryptocurrency market is growing, because no matter what anyone says, but in the last two years bitcoin has been growing due to an increase in the money supply around the world. And now, when central banks refuse to stimulate, the demand for bitcoin will not grow at such a pace. In principle, we do not see it in the coming year above the current absolute maximum.

At the same time, the head and founder of the hedge fund Bridgewater Associates Ray Dalio said in an interview that cash is the worst investment in our time. Dalio noted that the leading cryptocurrencies have not only survived but have also shown impressive growth in recent years. Also, the head of the hedge fund drew attention to the fact that money has been depreciating in recent years and is doing it very quickly. Naturally, Dalio could not help but pay attention to the inflation rate in the United States, which has risen to 7% over the past year and is the highest in the last 40 years. It is because of such high inflation that Dalio considers money to be "junk", although a few years ago he considered cryptocurrencies to be "junk", predicting bitcoin's imminent demise. Thus, even such a well-known investor, we can say, admitted his wrongness and changed his mind. But will this mean that bitcoin will continue to grow over a long distance, given the tightening of regulation by central banks and governments, as well as the rejection of monetary stimulus and the decline in the dominance index?


On the 24-hour timeframe, the quotes of the "bitcoin" are fixed below the ascending trend line, so the "bullish" trend is broken. At the moment, the quotes have fallen to the level of $ 40,746, so overcoming this level will open the way to the level of $ 31,106 - the lows of 2021. Please note that bitcoin has been falling for 2 months and so far this fall is almost recoilless and very strong. This suggests that investors are getting rid of coins, and not increasing purchases in any way.

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