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Complex Trader EA

When ordering a Complex Trader Expert Advisor, it is important to understand that the customer EA will benefit from ALL the FEATURES explained on the features page. This include, but are not limited to, trailing the price, hedging opened trades, recover losses from previously opened trades, order and money management and so on. The Complex Trader has been designed to replaced any other EAs that you, the trader, might be using right now. It is also worth mentioning that the Complex Trader entry signals must be defined by the trader. In other words, the EA will match 100% the client's trading strategy, plus the features described above.

The trading signals can be entered on the checkout form, but we will contact the customer to confirm the order and maybe to better explain the trading strategy. Once we'll have the details - check the download page for some Complex Trader EAs - we will proceed with honoring the order. From that time, we oblige ourselves to deliver the custom expert advisor within a maximum 10 days timeframe (usually 2-3).

If there will be some delays and the EA delivery will take longer than 10 days, we will contact the client and offer either a full refund or, with their permission, a few days extension that should allow us to deliver. It must be noted that we have never needed to do this, and the longest delivery time so far was only 7 days.

After the delivery of the EA, if the trader decides to change their trading strategy, they will benefit from a 85% discount for their next order. 

Each personalized expert advisor is bound to a number of 5 live trading accounts at once (demo accounts do not count), that can be changed at certain intervals by simply contacting us and asking for a license change. Brokers' names are irrelevant and the only reason we lock the EAs to the traders' account numbers is to prevent piracy and using licensed products by non-clients.

Complex Trader MetaTrader Expert Advisor

Complex Trader Expert Advisor for daily forex signals

Complex Trader Expert Advisor for daily forex signals

Complex Trader Expert Advisor for daily forex signals