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Microstrategy acquires another 7,002 bitcoins worth $415 million, and Michael Saylor is confident that bitcoin capitalization


Microstrategy did not stay on the sidelines, but made another fabulous purchase of bitcoin. Microstrategy and its director Michael Saylor are among the most ardent supporters of bitcoin.

The company kept and bought bitcoins even when there were protracted bear markets, as well as selling bonds and getting into debt. At the moment, the company has acquired another 7002 bitcoins and the total purchase amount was approximately $415 million.

Now the company's portfolio contains 121044 bitcoins, which make the company one of the most powerful and influential in the crypto sector.

Saylor is certain that bitcoin is the future and he never sleeps, which contributed to his rollback from $54 to $57,000. According to Saylor, bitcoin is the only property that a person can fully and completely own.

This is the only technology that can grant ownership to every citizen on Earth. On average, the company bought bitcoin at a price of $59,185 per coin.

Yesterday, the company completed the purchase and plans to extend all its funds to the melt for at least ten years. The total amount of bitcoins was purchased at an average price of almost $29,500.

However, despite this purchase, the price of digital gold fell by 1% to $ 56,600. Saylor is confident that bitcoin can break through the capitalization of 100 trillion dollars.

According to Saylor, bitcoin is already hitting gold on all fronts and will soon reach its capitalization, and within ten years it may have a capitalization of more than $100 trillion.

Saylor is unequivocally confident that the current rules, regulations and tightening regarding the crypto sector do not bother him. They will not contribute to the fall of bitcoin in any way. This may affect stablecoins or some altcoins, but it will not affect bitcoin in any way.

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